We need your help!! The whole zoo escaped and is running wild and free through the Timbers!! But oh, oh wait? What is this?! They seem to be.. no.. they couldn’t.. they’re.. OLYMPIC ATHLETES?! Say it ain’t so.


How amazing is this? We’ve got world-renowned relay runners with pro slip n’ slide skills! We’ve got champions in the sport of inflatable ultimate basketball! And we’ve even got title-holding Zookeepers who seem to be dominating the field!


After chowing down on a nicely-grilled five star meal a la Timbers, these campers—or should I say Zoolympic athletes—we’re ready to take the field.

ANDDDD coming in hot at the finish line ISSSS….. well everyone! Congrats to the 2016 Timbers champions who got to celebrate with a little piece of American sky art (aka fireworks) to light the Pine Cove sky above. We love our country, we love our Timbers, and we love our week 3!!