It’s Thursday night here at the Ranch and that could only mean one thing – COMMANDO!

The Ranch camp is home to our very own Jiggs Robert Gaffney, better-known as the “Commando Boss” and leader of this popular theme night. This is Jiggs’ 40th summer working at camp and busting campers. He started at the Ranch when he was 21 years old, and you can still find him ringing his bell in-between activity classes, dunking on campers during free time, and helping the program directors make sure camp runs smoothly.

Our campers have been anxiously awaiting this theme night all week, and it’s finally here!

The object of the game is for the campers to sneak past our counselor-led “Rambo Force” with their life-chip in hand. If they manage to find secret tower without getting busted by the Rambo Force, they receive points for their cabin. So grab your camo and war paint and get ready to sneak through the commando forest!

Tomorrow at lunch, we’ll tally the scores and find out if the campers managed to beat the counselors. But us Rambo Force members aren’t worried, because, as we all know… CAMPERS ALWAYS LOSE!