As you pick your camper up they may look the same, but I think we can all agree they sound a little different than when you dropped them off. We have fun here at camp and one of the ways we do that is through calling cheers. Here’s how it works:

If anyone is on stage with a microphone and is not explaining instructions, there are certain taboo words they can say that will make the whole room burst into cheer. Some of these words are:

Okay– “K k kkk K k kkk OHH K”

Alright– “I’m alright, don’t you worry about me. Huh!”

That’s incredible– “We love it!”

1, 2, 3, etc. — “ONE? Let’s count them! One, oosh, oosh, aah, boogodie, boogodie, bogodie, ah, ooh, ah, ooh, ah, ooh, ah ooh”

Breakfast– “Most important meal of the day!”

We need to pray– “P-R-A-WHY? Because we love Jesus!”

Lunch– “Lunch? Don’t give me no bread, no bread. Don’t give me no meat, no meat. Just give me that beat. What beat? That Jesus beat. That Jesus beat. Huh!”

Salad– “SALAD, SALad, Salad, salad”

Soup– “Soup there it is, soup there it is!”

Club– “C-L-U-B bring that Pine Cove club to me! I said C-L-U-B bring that Pine Cove club to me…”

Don’t forget your meds– “M-E-D-S, M-E-D-S, M-E-D-S Give me my meds! I want em!”

Take a seat– “Take a seat! Take a seat! Take a load off your feet! What, what? Take a seat! Oh! Take a seat! Oh! Take a load off your feet! What, what? Timbers, ’16!”

So, parents, be mindful that some words you say may cause your camper to erupt into claps and yells, but don’t be alarmed: side effects only last a few weeks. Well, until next year that is…