“Be strong and courageous.” On Monday we learned this verse from the book of Deuteronomy (31:6), reminding us that the Lord goes with us wherever we go.

There are so many crazy and adventurous activities for our kiddos to experience during their week here at camp. We want to make sure that our campers have every opportunity to try cool things that they’ve might have never done before, and to really put their hope and trust in our God. That certainly takes a lot more bravery than we think at first glance. The Lord has blessed us so abundantly, and we want to demonstrate our courage to do good works for His Kingdom and His Glory in all we do!

Your campers are zip lining over water, jumping off of platforms onto the blob, standing up on moving horses without fear of falling, and daily learning about the Gospel. Everything takes courage, bravery, and trust. Trusting that the equipment is going to do it’s job. Trusting that the staff has been trained well and correctly to keep everybody safe. But most of all, trusting that God is going to be there with us no matter where we go or what we’re doing!

Praise and glory to God for making us BRAVE all throughout this week.