Howdy parents! Today marks our fourth full day of camp, and let me tell you, it has been an unforgettable week thus far. We are so excited for our Stealth Patrol theme night when campers will get to don their camouflage or blackout gear and sneak around camp, trying to stop our evil bad-guy from taking over! However, there is something about Thursdays that we love even more than Stealth Patrol. This evening campers have the opportunity to hear some pretty awesome news from our very own Ashley “Eat It” Irvin, Guest Services at Silverado. And what is this good news, you may ask? The news of the grace found in Jesus Christ alone!

You see, we were created uniquely by God to have a perfect relationship with Him. Like Ashley so clearly presents through her live demonstration, we were like a blank white sheet of paper, meant to be kept in purity with God. Yet when Adam and Eve were tempted to sin in the Garden, sin entered the world forever, creating a permanent black stain on our perfect relationships with the Lord. No matter how hard we strive through good works, that stain of sin cannot be removed from us, just as we could not scrub hard enough to remove a smear of black paint on a blank canvas. That black stain of sin causes us to be forever separated from God, deserving of death.

When we smudge a painting, we are prone to throw it out. After all, how could we create a masterpiece from a mistake? Luckily for us, God does not discard us so easily. Rather than disowning us because of our sinfulness, the Lord decided to take our broken lives and make them into something beautiful. By sending His own son, Jesus Christ, to live a perfect life and finally take our punishment of death, rising again in three days, we now have eternal life and communion with God through Christ! Even more than that, all of the righteousness of Christ is counted to us! No longer does the Lord see our black stain when we receive Christ as our savior. Instead, God takes our darkness and makes us into a new creation, just as Ashely demonstrates through the transformation of a black-smeared canvas into a beautiful painting of a rushing waterfall (representing Jesus as “living water”).

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
-Romans 6:23

As your children hear this good news this evening, please be in prayer for receptive ears and hearts. Pray that the Lord would use our counselors and Ashley as vessels for His truth. Pray that the Spirit would dwell in the hearts of these young ones. This is the transformative message of the Gospel, and we are greatly anticipating how the Lord will speak to us this evening!