Meet our Resident Staff!


Position: Camp Director
Hometown: Tyler, TX


Position: Men’s Director
Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX
College: Texas State University
Fun Fact: I love the ocean, I free dive and spearfish underwater in depths up to 60 ft!


Position: Women’s Director
Hometown: Coppell, TX
College: University of Arkansas
Fun Fact: I lived in France for a whole year!


Position: Activities Director
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
College: Blue Mountain College
Fun Fact: I have canoed part of the Mighty Mississippi River with Dr. Shakel!


Position: Executive Assistant
Hometown: Ft.Worth, TX
College: Texas A&M University
Fun Fact: I have seen two space shuttle launches!

Summer Leadership 


Position: Program Director

School: Baylor

Major: Marketing

Fun Fact: I know a lot of fun/Interesting Facts


Position: Assistant Program Director

School: Texas A&M

Major: International Studies

Fun Fact: If you come give me a hug or a high five I will tell you an interesting Fact!


Position: Work Crew Director

School: Texas A&M

Major: Supply Chain Management

Fun Fact: I have tubed down the Amazon River.

“Missy O”

Position: Assistant Work Crew Director

School: Baylor

Major: Kinesiology Pre-OT

Fun Fact: I was attacked by pigeons in Italy


Position: Secretary

School: Texas A&M

Major: Communication

Fun Fact: I’ve never been to Arby’s


Position: Impact Senior Counselor

School: University of Texas at Austin

Major: Management Information

Fun Fact: Have you ever seen batman and me in the same room? No? Hmm…


Position: Impact Senior Counselor

School: Texas A&M

Major: English

Fun Fact: I memorized pi up until the 40th digit


Position: Crew Senior Counselor

School: University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Major: Communication Studies

Fun fact: I won first place in the math times table competition in 5th grade


Position: Crew Senior Counselor

School: Baylor Nursing school

Major: Nursing

Fun Fact: Catch me anywhere near tacos!!!


Position: Wild Kids senior Counselor

School: University of Nebraska

Major: Elementary Education

Fun Fact: I am allergic to Pizza!:(


Position: Cove Kids Senior Counselor

School: Louisiana Tech

Major: Child Development

Fun Fact: I tried ranch dressing for the first time this summer. I like it.


Position: Extreme Activities Director

School: Michigan State University

Major: Political Science – Pre Law

Fun fact: I have red hair.


Position: Head Media Director

School: Texas A&M

Major: Agriculture Communications

Fun Fact: I work for a wedding florist!

Program Staff

“Treble Cliff”

Position: Retail/Chaos

School: Belmont University

Major: Social Entreprenuership

Fun Fact: I threw a Birthday for my dog when he turned 13!


Position: Sound/Chaos

School: University of Oklahoma

Major: Computer Engineering

Fun Fact: I won a beatboxing competition against myself.


Position: Promotional Media Intern

School: University of Arkansas

Major: Journalism

Fun Fact: Ask me about my Stich voice!


Position: Promotional Media Intern

School: Mississippi College

Major: English Writing

Fun Fact: Terrified of all flying insects!


Position: Media Content Creator

School: Samford University

Major: Human Development and Family Science

Fun Fact: I tried out for American Idol but I can’t sing.



Position: Media Content Creator

School: Auburn University

Major: Marketing

Fun Fact: I love painting!


Position: Media Videographer

School: Hofstra University

Major: Film studies

Fun Fact: I have an identical mirror twin!


Position: Health Assistant

School: Arizona State University

Major: Nursing

Fun fact: I do ministry with teen moms!


Position: Head Lifeguard/Counselor

School: East Texas Baptist University

Major: Math and Education

Fun Fact: I can sing my ABC’s backwards.


Position: Head Lifeguard/ Counselor

School: Texas A&M

Major: Finance

Fun Fact: Really I’m interested in a lot of things so I’m pretty versatile in anything you want to talk about!


Position: Kitchen Crew

School: Missouri State University

Major: Entertainment Management

Fun Fact: I was a camper at the Woods for 11 years!


Position: Kitchen Crew

School: University of Texas at Tyler

Major: Industrial Tech

Fun Fact: I can do a back flip but only 80% of the time.

“The Goat”

Position: Kitchen Crew

School: Kilgore College

Major: Christian Studies

Fun Fact: I can juggle a pickle ball with my feet!

“Road Kale”

Position: Kitchen Crew

School: Liberty University

Major: Social Work

Fun Fact: I once laid in a field of Golden Retrievers #LifeMade!


Position: Kitchen Crew

School: Sam Huston

Major: Kinesiology

Fun Fact: I’m a part time message therapist while in school!

“Hot Potato”

Position: Wrangler

School: University of Souther Nursing

Major: Nursing

Fun Fact: I’m from Boise, Idaho, also known as “Potatoville” by my friends.


Position: Wrangler

School: Georgia College and State University

Major: English

Fun Fact: My favorite horse in the barn is Norma Jean!

“Sweet Jibbets”

Position: Wrangler

School: University of Alabama

Major: Undecided

Fun Fact: If I’m not in the barn you can find me rocking my green Crocs!

“Not Joe Mama”

Position: Wrangler

School: Oklahoma State University

Major: Psychology

Fun Fact: My favorite animal is a frog!


Position: Boddy Nanny

School: Texas A&M

Major: Allied Health

Fun Fact: I loooove Mangos!

Girl Counselors

“Dish Chick”

School: Texas A&M

Major: Sociology

Fun Fact: I’m going to Israel in the spring and I am super excited!


School: Ohio State University

Major: Speech and Hearing Science

Fun Fact: I’m a huuuuge foodie!


School: Baylor

Major: Professional Writing and Rhetoric

Fun Fact: My favorite animal is a two-fingered sloth, and I only turn the left faucet on when I wash my hands.

“Toetally Apeeling”

School: Stephen F. Austin

Major: Communications

Fun Fact: I love Dalmatians!!


School: University of Mary-Hardin

Major: Education

Fun Fact: I’m left handed!


School: Belmont University

Major: Music Business

Fun Fact: I’m studying abroad in Sydney, Australia in Janurary!


School: Mississippi State University

Major: Philosophy

Fun Fact: I have moved 12 times; My dad is in the Air Force!


School: Texas Womens University

Major: Kinesiology Pre-PT

Fun Fact: I can speak Mandarin!

“Pam and Cheese”

School: Baylor

Major: Theatre and English

Fun Fact: I love The Office!

“Oh Shoot!’

School: The University of Texas at Austin

Major: Human Development and Family Science

Fun Fact: I went to the Woods fro 19 years as a camper with my family!

“Fedora the Explorer”

School: Belmont University

Major: Social Entrepreneurship

Fun Fact: In 7th grade I tried to get my friends to call me Big Muffin solely because I thought it would be a fun nickname


School: Texas A&M

Major: Elementary Education

Fun Fact: At 15 months old, I was featured on the local news because of my extensive American Sign Language vocabulary.


School: Texas A&M

Major: Nutriton

Fun Fact: My 7th great uncle is Davy Crockett.


School: Mississippi College

Major: Communications

Fun Fact: Coffee is my favorite thing, I drink at least 5 cups a day!


School: Southwestern Assemblies of God University

Major: Social Work

Fun Fact: I was born in Singapore!


School: Rhodes College

Major: Business

Fun Fact: I wa born with an eleventh finger!


School: Baylor

Major: Corporate Communications

Fun Fact: I have a black belt in karate.


School: Texas A&M

Major: Telecommunication Media

Fun Fact: I was born in San Diego!


School: Baylor

Major: Speech Pathology

Fun Fact: I graduated high school with seven people in my class.


School: University of Kentucky

Major: Nursing

Fun Fact: I was adopted last summer!

“Rub a dub duck”

School: Louisiana Tech

Major: Family and Child Studies

Fun Fact: I don’t have a middle name!


School: Dallas Baptist university

Major: Psychology

Fun Fact: I’m a photographer when I’m not at camp!


School: East Texas Baptist University

Major: Elementary Education

Fun Fact: If I could be any animal in the sea I would be a Killer Whale!

“Florence Nightingown”

School: Texas Tech University

Major: Communication Studies

Fun Fact: I had a pet squirrel in 5th grade!

Guy Counselors


School: Oliver Nazarene University

Major: Architectural Engineering

Fun Fact: My pupils are different sizes.


School: Texas Tech University

Major: Accounting

Fun Fact: I’ve had two encounters with Big Foot, ask me about them.

“Steelcity Drops”

Name: Steel City Drops

School: Texas Christian University

Major: Business Finance and Computer Science

Fun Fact: I was a Woods camper for 17 years!

“Shiny Teeth”

School: Baylor

Major: Business

Fun Fact: I was a youth camper for 10 years!


School: University of North Texas

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Fun Fact: My yodeling is on point.

“Steel Clad Nomad”

School: University of Kentucky

Major: Geography

Fun Fact: I quote Christian Rap more than anything else!

“Smokin Oken”

School: University of Texas at Austin

Major: Corporate Communication

Fun Fact: I’m left-handed except when it comes to golfing, fishing, and playing the guitar.


School:University of Florida 

Major: Sports Management

Fun Fact: I’m a triplet.


School: Texas A&M

Major: Political Science

Fun Fact: Fly fishing and bowfishing are my favorite.


School: Texas A&M

Major: Business Management

Fun Fact: I’m almost ambidextrous!


School: Southern Methodist University

Major: Psychology, Public Health, and Corporate Communication

Fun Fact: I’m an aspiring Saxophone player!


School: Grand Canyon University

Major: Business

Fun Fact: I work at a rock climbing gym.

“Baby Squid Spicy Soup”

School: Liberty University

Major: Entrepreneurship

Fun Fact: I’m color blind.


School: University of Mary Hardin

Major: Pre-Physical Therapy

Fun Fact: I play college baseball!


School: University of Texas at Austin

Major: Finance

Fun Fact: I have 10 toes.

“Two Fast, Two Furious”

School: Texas A&M

Major: Public health

Fun Fact: I can wiggle my ears!