Everyday, each cabin has their very own cheer that they do! A lot of the time they do different, day-themed cheers. Sometimes it’ll be a “Wacky Wednesday,” and others, it’ll be a “Way Too Tired Wednesday!” If you walk around in the mornings during activity classes, you can hear different cabins doing their cheers because the cabin who has the most spirit each day wins the spirit stick!

On Wednesdays though, we get to do cluster cheers! That means that the four cabins in the cluster get to come up with a cheer and do it together. This causes Wednesday cheers to be extremely loud and spirited! Today, the cluster that won the spirit stick were the men of Mustang with “What Are Those Wednesday!”

We love doing cheers here at Pine Cove because it allows for cabins to experience unity and for campers to have a fun chance to yell as loud as they want!  We want camp to be a seriously fun experience so that campers can see and hear the joy that Christ can bring when we’re pursuing him!

Please pray for:

  • Safety at camp! Camp can be tons of fun but it’s most fun when we aren’t hurt! Please pray that all of our campers and staff will stay healthy and injury free!
  • The Weather! Still! The weather has been super cooperative with our schedule and that’s been awesome! We’d love for it to stay that way through the rest of the week!
  • Campers to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior! The week is about halfway over now and campers have been able to hear a lot about the Gospel! We’d love it if y’all could pray for campers who’ve never heard the Gospel and that they will receive the greatest gift with acceptance!