We are all enjoying our time together here at the Outback! Today as we continue our Bible study in Colossians about seeking God, many campers are starting to get it! The memory verse for today was:

“Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.”
Colossians 3:12

More and more campers are able to recite their daily Bible verses to their counselors each day! We have been talking about how having compassion for the hurting and love for the unloveable is not something that our natural state enables us to do, but that we have the above qualities available to us through Jesus Christ.


We all seem to find ourselves searching for something in this often chaotic world, and it starts when we are young and it stays with us until we are older. Many of us try to fill our emptiness with things of this world that leave us unsatisfied and always searching. It’s not until we run into what really does satisfy that we stop falling back to what does not satisfy us. Only God can truly satisfy our hearts and until we seek and find Him for who He is we will always be searching. Recognizing that God does not want our performance but our hearts and seeking to live a life resembling Him (like it states in Colossians 3) helps us grow in intimacy with Him.


It just so happens that the theme of seeking snuck into our after dinner activities too! Tonight was our Operation Infiltration or O.I. theme night. Alton Parker, Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals, better known as the man who ran against Teddy Roosevelt for president in 1904 decided to take over camp tonight!!! He wanted to turn Outback into a nursing home! The campers were sent on a mission to take back camp by sneaking through the O.I. forest and pretending to be geriatric sympathizers. As they did this, they had to seek out spies who held the codes they needed to win Outback’s freedom.

The campers ended the night in victory after winning our camp back because campers always win! Tonight is always one of the campers favorite theme night, so you will have to ask them Saturday about how they made it through the woods!

Pray with us:

  1. Pray that your campers learn how to seek the Lord and maintain a better relationship with Him!
  2. Pray for our camp and staff as a whole as we near the end of the week, that we would continue to see the opportunities we have to serve your campers!
  3. Pray for our campers as they reflect on the lessons that the Lord is teaching them!