Moms, Dads, Grandparents, and all others that care for our campers full-time:

It is our absolute privilege to care for your campers part-time during this summer of Gospel-centered ministry.
My name is Caleb “Wheelin N Dealin” Carter, and this is my second summer serving Christ as the Pine Cove Ranch Director. My Pine Cove history includes 4 summers at the Shores and Timbers camps, where I met my wife Hannah “Patilla Piñata” Carter. After college, I spent nine years in full-time pastoral ministry in Tyler, TX and Greenville, SC which is also my hometown. Oh yeah and Go Tigers! (The real tigers from Clemson, of course.) We are now back in Tyler, and have two gorgeous daughters: Anderson and Austen.
Let’s switch gears here and talk about this summer’s focus! Our theme for the summer is “Together Again.” It’s pretty cool of the Lord to have orchestrated this, because we came up with the theme before all of the madness hit this spring. But due to that madness, we are in a position to do ministry with campers like never before this summer. So what we mean when we say “Together Again,” is the fact that the 4 major relationships that exist within humanity (Us and God, Us and Ourselves, Us and Others, Us and all of Creation) were all fractured through sin.
Yet due to our hero, Jesus the Son of God, and His saving act of living, dying, and resurrecting, all 4 of those relationships have been put back together again. So, the first day we are focusing on articulating the Gospel very clearly, and making it personal for each camper. Then each of the 4 days following, we will examine each of those 4 relationships, and how they have been put back Together Again in Christ Jesus. We know God again. We are holy again. We see and love others again. We know our purpose in creation again, to glorify God and bring others into relationship with Him.
We are marked with anticipation right now, because we believe the God of the Universe is going to do mighty works in the hearts of these campers. Praise be to His name!