“Welcome to the Towers!” Today, staffers eagerly awaited the arrival of campers, which is the telltale sign that camp is in full swing. Upon arrival, campers checked in, moved into their cabins, and finally met their counselors for the week. We are so thrilled to be sharing the Gospel through the camp experience this week and to have a blast doing so!

After dinner, we met a TSPN news anchor who warned everyone that the ratings for the Towers Sports Programming Network were so low that they might have to cancel activity classes! The campers performed at the top of their athletic game, and in the end proved that the network was worth saving after all.

Club started after all the theme night festivities. At the beginning of club, we worshipped with the band and then our camp director, Get Smart, gave the club talk to kick off our discussion series for the week, “I Am”. We also got a fun rundown of how camp works and met some important people who will help lead camp throughout the week.

We are so happy to have Week 9 campers here. They bring so much joy and enthusiasm to camp! Thank you for sharing them with us for a week of serious, Christ-centered fun!

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