“Welcome to the Towers!” Our staff has been eagerly anticipating the arrival of this week’s campers. Once the campers checked in, took their swim test, and settled into their cabins, they got to know their counselors for the week. We are ecstatic to share the Gospel through the camp experience while having a seriously fun time.

After dinner, we met Doctor Watts who made a stop at the Towers to fill up his time machine with light energy! The campers played different games to gather light energy all around the camp. In the end, they were able to send Doctor Watts back on his way!

Club started after the theme night festivities and a snack. At the beginning of club, we worshipped with the band and then our camp director, Get Smart, gave the club talk to kick off our discussion series for the week, the Armor of God.  We also got a fun rundown of how camp works and met some important people who will help lead camp throughout the week.

We are so glad to have week 8 campers here! They bring so much joy and energy to camp! Thank you for sharing them with us for a week of Gospel-oriented fun.

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