Pine Cove Staff and Overflow B welcomed Week 5 campers this past Sunday! Overflow got the chance to participate in our welcoming gauntlet on opening day after returning from bowling on Saturday! Campers split up to jump at the gates of the Shores, Ranch, and Timbers!


New campers met their counselors, went to swim check, and settled in before heading to dinner. Our staff grilled burgers on the waterfront where cabins grouped together to eat and relax at picnic tables.  The theme for the night was Mascot Mania! Each cluster played games and cheered on their counselors who competed throughout the night.

Monday was the first full day of camp! Campers started the day off with quiet time and a bible study with their cabin. Our Bible Study theme for this summer is “FAITHWORKS,” which dives into the book of James, tackling a chapter a day. When studying each of the chapters, we focus on the importance of remaining steadfast in trials, asking for wisdom, and experiencing the power of prayer. Campers are learning how to live out their faith through action, and to not only hear the truth, but to strive to be refined and complete in Christ.

Overflow guys took a trip on Tuesday to the Timbers to partake in an intense game of paintball while the girls created canvas paintings and drank hot chocolate. On Wednesday, guys and girls split up to work out and do yoga respectively. Everyone bonded over breakfast at their cabins before heading to activity classes. Later that night, Timbers joined us for some worship at Club! The theme night was “Glow Crazy” where Campers and staff both got to go crazy dancing to classic camp songs like “Chainsaw” and “Wobble!”

Camp is excited for the rest of the week as we continue to expound on what James has to teach to us! We hope that the studying of scripture in a camp environment will encourage and teach campers how to do it on their own and with a community back home!