Happy Friday from the Ridge! We’re almost to the weekend, which means campers are about to leave us. 🙁

But before that happens, let’s talk about what we did on Thursday!

We woke up, ate some delicious breakfast then headed out to our first activity class.

We then went to our other activity classes and made our way to lunch where some cabins won the Chariot of Cleanliness and the Spirit Stick!

Next, we watched the Bubble and the Booger trick our beloved Cooper into thinking he was going to receive a masters in engineering. Instead, they infected him with GREEN! They also infected our cooks, so all of our food was infected! We have no idea what to do and Doug is nowhere to be found.

After lunch, we headed back to our cabins for some good ole’ Bible study. We studied Philippians 3, and learned that our goal and the end desire of our hearts should be knowing Jesus and being found in Him. None of us can reach this goal on our own. We all need a “righteousness from God that depends on faith.” In striving for Christ we must be aware of false teachers and those who make life all about themselves. We have a citizenship outside of this temporary world, found in heaven. So, we don’t have to put confidence in our own flesh, but in Jesus alone. Because of that, we have JOY.

After FOB, we played around during Campers Choice and Free Time. Then we got ready for our theme night, Yacht Club, where we rode the wake park, swam in the pool, and ate a couple of brookies (brownie-cookies). Shout out to our cooks for always making our days a little brighter.

At Club, we worshipped the Lord and learned about the joy of submitting to Christ.

We can’t believe today is our LAST FULL DAY! We’re continuing to pray for the Spirit to revive us and for lives to be radically changed by the truth of the gospel. Thanks for reading!

God Bless,

Ridge Team