On Wednesday, we had a slow morning that included time with Jesus, breakfast, and a special activity class. Some campers went to the pool for water aerobics, some went to the Conga for Zumba, some went to the gym (Big Bend), and some went to the game room (The Pinnacle)!

Next, we headed to Big Bend for a giant all-camp game of Zorbball! Everyone’s a winner in Zorbball, so congratulations campers!

We ate some delicious lunch in the Cav, then watched Stuntman Sam do his thing once again. Smartie P hatched out of her cocoon and her and Clark left to devise an evil plan. Zerg gave Stuntman Sam some AirPods and proved himself to actually be nice, so he joined Stuntman Sam and the announcer/event coordinator, Frankie. YAY! Check back tomorrow to see the rest of the story unfold.

After lunch, we went back to our cabins for some good ole’ Bible study. We learned in Philippians 2 that our minds and our example to the world (the way we live), should follow the example of Jesus. In Jesus, we have a unity that derives from selfless, humble service. This example is given to us in Jesus and will shine brightly to all around us. Our mind is to be committed to Jesus, our JOY to be complete in Him.

At Free Time, campers roamed around camp and bought snacks from the Camp Store.

At Club, we learned about the danger of self-indulgence through the story of Solomon in Ecclesiastes. Pleasure will not give us joy because our hearts are after something much more permanent. We find this permanence in Jesus who gives everlasting fulfillment.

The day ended with an awesome dance party for our theme night: Drive-Thru Swervice. It may have even included a dance-off between Buns and one of his campers! Is your favorite Pine Cove dance the Chainsaw or Church Clap?

Thanks for reading along as we continue to have a blast and learn about the Lord! We pray that hearts would be opened to the joyous truth of the gospel of Christ. Have a great day!

God Bless,

Ridge Team