Since you have some free time today, we encourage you to make the most of it:  go on a date while the kids are in their programs, plan a family outing, or spend individual time with a child. Whatever you chose to do, have a great day off!


Family Service Project

We’ve made available a time to serve together at the East Texas Food Bank from 1:00 pm -3:00 pm. Tasks will include preparing boxes and placing food items into boxes for needy families. Children must be ages 6 and up.  The address is: 3201 Robertson Rd. Tyler, TX 75701.

Devos After Dinner!

Since our Wednesday schedule is different than other days, we will have Family Devo Time after out evening meal (6:45).  That way we can be sure that everyone is back at camp!

Mom’s Lunch

Tomorrow (Thursday) at lunch, Hip Hop (Katie Sherrod) will be hosting a lunch just for moms in the NEW Carabeaner Café!

Breakfast Omelette Orders

For tomorrow’s breakfast, we will be taking orders for omelettes tonight at dinner!  If you’d like one for breakfast, make sure to fill out an order form and give it to the staff member at your table!



Decked Out in Decades

From the Roarin’ 20’s to the Awesome 80’s, there’s something for everyone in a theme night that covers an entire century! The possibilities are endless–poodle skirts and roller skates, scrunchies and leg warmers, daisy chains and bell bottoms, or just wearing your parents’ favorite childhood outfits! We’ll be putting on our boogie shoes and popping in those cassette tapes for a talent show that’ll be the bee’s knees!


Cove Kids

  • Get ready for another day of fun with your Cove Kids counselors!

Wild Kids

  • Swimsuit (before lunch)
  • Towel (before lunch)
  • Sunscreen (before lunch)

Wild Woods

  • Pants/ Closed-Toed Shoes (zipline before lunch)
  • Swimsuits (after lunch)
  • Towel (after lunch)
  • Sunscreen (after lunch)


  • Clothes to get messy/wet (before lunch)
  • Swimsuits (after lunch)
  • Towel (after lunch)
  • Sunscreen (after lunch)


Bryson Family

  • Chai (6:45)

Hayes Family

  • Spazzy (7:45)

Peterson Family

  • Wallababy (6:45)

Steele Family

  • MVP (6:45)


High: 93 F

Low: 76 F

Precipitation: 25%

Make sure to hydrate today because the weather will be sunny, humid, and hot during the day! Don’t worry, because it will cool off at night! There’s also a slight chance of rain during the day.