Happy Tuesday! Camp is in full swing already today!

Your camper is on his or her way to their cabin for Bible Study right now. And today in Bible Study they’re going to be reading and studying John 14.

There is a TON of rich, amazing truth in this chapter. I encourage you to read this chapter today. Here’s a portion of their actual study booklet below.

In verses 1-4, Jesus is speaking comforting words to distressed friends.

  • How can Jesus’ promises in these verses help our hearts not to be troubled when we are going through distressing circumstances?
  • Can you think of a difficult time you’ve gone through when these promises would’ve really helped you?

Jesus’ promise that he is going to prepare a place for us can change everything for us. EVERYTHING.

  • What hope does this give us while we are here on earth?

Believing in and reminding yourself of spending eternity with Jesus can alleviate anxiety, diminish or even heal depression, changes how you spend money and time, help with making decisions everyday, and illuminates endless ways of living a life in Christ.

In verse 6 we see one of Jesus’ most memorable claims – that he is “the way, the truth, and the life.”

  • How does each word speak assurance to the downtrodden disciples who have just been told Jesus is going away? How do they challenge those who are looking for God without  Jesus?
  • WAY:
  • TRUTH:
  • LIFE:

Note that Jesus does not show us the way to God. He IS the way to God. This makes Jesus completely different from all other religious leaders and founders.

In our age of religious pluralism, which holds that all religious convictions are equally valid, such a claim can be downright offensive.

  • Is this a tough pill for you to swallow? Do you believe Jesus is the only way to God? Why or why not?

Will you stop whatever you’re doing right now and spend a minute praying specifically for your camper, their Bible Study time, the counselor, and our day at the Shores?