Week 8 has been a blast so far here at the Timbers! Our campers are getting into the groove of things and having lots of fun. Here at the Timbers we have numerous activities that our campers get to participate in with their cabin. Each cabin has two activities scheduled each day in the morning, whether that is the pool, plateau sports, the ropes course, and many more. Whatever the activity, each class has a spiritual application connected to it. It is really special to see how God reveals Himself through each activity.

For instance, the ropes course includes the zip line, the rock climbing wall, and the swing. Although our ropes course is a lot of fun, many campers are initially hesitant to participate because these activities also involve heights. I personally think that heights are scary, too! Whenever I was a camper, I remember my excitement while climbing up the stairs to the zip line. Whenever I got to the top and was about to start though, my legs felt shaky. I had fear. All I wanted to do was climb down the stairs and get back on safe ground because that was where I was comfortable and fully secure. Similarly, I know that there are campers this week that might fear heights just like I did. However, the ropes course has an important spiritual application about trusting in the Lord. The Lord calls us to give our worries to Him, big or small. That is the message we want our campers to see through the ropes course. 1 Peter 5:7 strikes home for me:

Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.

I know that I find it difficult at times to trust in the Lord even in the minor things, but how great is it when we give our fears and anxiety to Him! He has called us to rely on Him for strength and the courage to overcome tribulations. Sometimes He even leads us to trials in our lives that are scary in order for us to learn how to completely depend on Him. It has been special to watch the transformation in our campers as they learn the spiritual applications behind their activity classes, specifically at the ropes course. I remember a few instances last week when campers were hesitant to go on the swing, and after their first time on it, they wanted to go a second time because they had so much fun! This week as well, I have seen campers want to go on the zip line again! The Lord provides us courage to conquer fears when we call on Him. Our prayer is that the Lord would use the ropes course, along with our other activities, to spread the Gospel. What a cool way to illustrate His love for us. Proverbs 3:5 also commands us to trust in Him:

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

I cannot wait to see our campers continue to learn how much He cares for us through our camp activities and their spiritual applications.


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