We had a wonderful Tuesday here at Silverado! The kids enjoyed their activity classes during the day, and then had a great bible study, FOB and free time in the afternoon. One of the things we wanted to share with y’all today is a tradition here at Pine Cove that we like to call the Spirit Stick!

The Spirit Stick is presented every day at lunch to the cabin that has the most spirit throughout the day. Each day, every cabin comes up with a cheer together and they shout this cheer all throughout the morning so that the whole camp can hear!

Today the gentlemen of Mustang 1 won the spirit stick with their “Trash-Bag Tuesday” cheer, where they held trash bags up throughout their cheer.

The Spirit Stick is one of our favorite things that we do here at camp! It’s so exciting for us to see everyone in a cabin come together and get excited over a cheer, even about something like trash bags! Hope y’all had a happy Trash-Bag Tuesday!