What a fantastic full day of camp! After cleaning their cabins to perfection and raising our country’s great flag, campers headed off to a little breakfast and then a full morning of activity classes! While some campers enjoyed our ¬†wonderful lake (better known as the Watering Hole), others strutted their stuff on the runway or climbed their hearts out on the traversing wall, others enjoyed everything from bb guns and archery to arts and crafts and even our exciting zipline. It certainly was a jam-packed morning!

Our midday meal is no exception to all the fun. One of our favorite traditions at Pine Cove is awarding campers the glorious “Spirit Stick” at lunch. Given to the cabin that demonstrates the most creativity, unity, and enthusiasm, the Spirit Stick is truly an honor to receive. Today’s winners were the men of Mustang 4 who blew away the competition with their “Too-pumped Tuesday” cheer. Way to go guys!

After a little Bible study, rest time (known as F.O.B or flat on back), some more activity classes and a little free time, campers got dressed to the nines for our “Under the Big Top” theme night. This is a special event for campers who get to participate in a variety of carnival activities, all for the sake of getting to pie their counselor in the face! What a way to end our theme night!

As we move into our third day of camp, we would love for you to join us in prayer for a few things. Pray, of course, for the safety and well-being of all campers and staff members. Pray for the unity of cabins and that lasting friendships would be formed. Pray for the openness of campers to hear and understand the love of God like they never have before. Most of all, pray that the face of Christ would be clearly seen through all staff and that no camper may leave without knowing the love which surpasses all other love! We are so thankful for y’all and your willingness to trust our staff members with your children! It has been a great start to the week!