Today (that’s today!) our campers are in for a special treat! After free time, our sixth and seventh graders split up for their own unique theme nights. Get ready for an action-packed night!

The sixth graders get to take over the Ranch with a night full of Technicolor Chaos. After free time, they will dress head-to-toe in fluorescent fashion and race to the dining hall with their cabins! When they arrive to the Ponderosa, chaos will ensue: tables will be flipped, the dining hall will be decked out in tie-dye, and there will be no rules! Want to sing the birthday rap for your counselor even though it’s not their birthday? Go for it! Want to do the Kinfolk dance to Chainsaw? Why not?!

After dinner, it’s time to get soaked! In this cabin versus cabin competition, colorful water is thrown through the air in true chaotic fashion! The object of this game is to stay as dry as possible while soaking the opposing cabins. But make sure to keep an eye out for all of the program staff and work crew in the middle of the field, ready and armed with water guns! In the final round, the campers get the opportunity to team up against their counselor. The cabin with the most colorful counselor wins!

As for the seventh graders, it’s time to take a trip to the Timbers! With their cabinmates by their side, they get to see a glimpse of the camp that they will be able to attend the next year! The night is spent lakeside- riding banana boats, playing games, and eating pizza. Then, they get the chance to attend club with the eighth and ninth graders. They will have to come back next year to see what else is in store!

After each grade’s activities have come to an end, it’s time for girl night and guy night back at the Ranch! Our campers will able to learn a little more about their identities and who they are in Christ! They will have their own special worship and club talk, followed by a karaoke night for the girls and camper versus counselor dodgeball for the guys!

No matter what grade, campers are sure to have an incredible night! We love it!