Banquet Night

Everyone enjoys a classy evening, right? Parents, while your kids are off hanging out with their counselors and enjoying an evening of games and program, let us treat you to the most elegant meal of the week. At our banquet evening, dinner will be served in courses and will be topped off with some delicious dessert and time with our CEO and President, Reed “Shrimply Irresistable” Livesay!


Dad’s Splash

Calling all Dads!  It’s time once again for the ultimate camp competition that has only one requirement… you have to be a dad!  Don’t miss our fifth annual Dad Splash Contest today at 4:15pm. Our expert judges will evaluate all contestants based on form, presentation, costume & character, how big your splash is and – of course – the “ouch!” factor (belly flops always bring in a big score).  Bring your entire family to the Bluffs pool to cheer for good ol’ dad!


Cove Kids

  • Messy Clothes (During Parent’s Banquet Night)

Wild Kids

  • Closed-Toed Shoes (Zipline)

Wild Woods

  • Pants (Horses/Zipline)
  • Closed-Toed Shoes (Horses/Zipline)


  • Just get ready for another day of fun with your counselors!


There will be scattered thunderstorms so you will want to pack your rain jacket or umbrella!  Good news is that the temperature will be in the mid 70’s!