What a great week of camp this has been! It’s been awesome getting to see campers have the time of their life while going crazy for the spirit stick, playing games at activity classes, and making new friends. But the best part of this week has been watching campers grow in their relationship with God!

This week has been full of great opportunities for our campers to hear more about the love of Christ. Every night, we have club where we get to sing worship songs and campers get to hear a talk about bible story. They also get to have some sweet reflection time and hang times with their counselors. This is where campers have the opportunity to ask their counselors any questions about their faith or the bible and counselors get to share the Gospel and get to pour love into the lives of their campers. It’s a really great opportunity for relationships to grow and for the love of God to be experienced!

Another great way in which campers get learn more about God is through the bible study they have each day. Their bible study book is shaped like a passport to represent the journey we all go on as believers. It starts off discussing how because all of us have sinned, and how we don’t deserve to receive the love of the Lord. But because of how much the Lord loves us, He sent Jesus to die on the cross for us and we have life in Him! It then goes into talking about how we get to rely on Christ through all the hardships that we’ll encounter in our lives. It ends with talking about how we get to experience eternal life with Christ, even after death!


We do all that we do here at Pine Cove because we want to share Jesus’ love with everyone we encounter. And we’ve been so blessed to witness campers’ lives be transformed by this love this week! We would love to encourage you, as parents, to continue to help them grow in their walk with God. Camp doesn’t have to end on the last day of the week because our walk with God lasts for eternity!