What happened to Ben E. Keith? The Timbers is here and ready to use our investigative skills to find out.


One fine afternoon, all our happy campers were eating lunch and going about their day when all peace was disrupted.


In came the butler and Ben E. Keith, the man with the money, who was hosting a meal for Biggie Keith (his son), Maletha Castle (secretary and ex-girlfriend), Philmore Chester (an old friend), and the O’Briens (the Italian delivery family).


Ben E. Keith had made millions in creating the Pazookie, and was in the process of deciding who to give his company to before retirement.


Wait! No! What’s happening? Ben E. Keith has.. he’s disappeared?! This sounds like a case only Detective Sir could solve.


So this week that’s exactly what he set out to do. WHO STOLE BEN E. KEITH? Will the Timbers ever know?