Hey y’all!

I want to thank you first and foremost for taking the time to read this blog post! Here at Pine Cove, we care a lot about your kids – just like you do. I’m excited to get to share with you today the reason we care so much and why we do everything we do, from camp names to activity classes, from Club to Bible Study! That reason is the good news of Jesus, which we know as the Gospel.

We have loved having your kids the last few days and are excited for them to get to hear the Gospel presented to them tonight. For those of you not familiar with the Gospel, I hope I can clearly explain our need for Jesus and what he did. For those of you who already have a relationship with Jesus, I hope this encourages you and reminds you of His love for you!

We cannot fully appreciate the Gospel’s transforming power unless we understand what we are being transformed from. As humans, we have fallen short of God’s glory (Romans 3:23). We have all missed the mark of perfection that God has demanded and have a broken relationship with him as a result. Our sins against God, whether lying, coveting, being proud, or creating idols in our lives, have a consequence. The consequences of our sins, whether we are a preacher or a convicted felon, is spiritual death (Romans 6:23).

That knowledge leaves most upset, frustrated, or disappointed with themselves. And it should. But here is where the good news comes in. God looked on us in our sinful state and chose to offer his perfect son, Jesus, as a substitute. Because of the perfect life and the substitutionary death Jesus died for all humanity on the cross, we have the promise of eternal life, if we believe in our hearts and proclaim with our words and actions that Jesus is the Lord of our lives and recognize that nothing WE can do can restore our relationship with God, except to rely on Jesus.

Each of our counselors at Pine Cove have chosen to enter that relationship with Jesus and I hope it will be evident to each of you as your kids get to tell you all about their week in only 36 hours! I pray that the life transforming power of the Gospel doesn’t only impact your camper’s week, but also yours!

Grace and Peace,

Rory “Battle B.” Jones, Work Crew Director