We are having an awesome week at camp! Campers have gotten to experience many different activities already and have been blessed with morning Bible studies, Club in the evenings, and the excitement and joy of the Lord at camp!

Each morning, campers do something called “Pit ‘n Palace”. Campers are responsible for making sure that their cabin is sparkling clean. Campers are assigned chores, such as wiping the bathroom counters, sweeping the porch, or straightening the shoes. They are also responsible for cleaning their own area and making sure their stuff is in place.

At lunch, the Golden Plunger is awarded to the cabin with the highest Pit ‘n Palace score! Today, since we are celebrating Christmas in July this week, we awarded a Golden Christmas Tree instead! Pit ‘n Palace is an excellent opportunity for us to hold our campers responsible for being good stewards of the blessings they’ve been given, both the things they brought to camp and the cabins they are staying in at Silverado!

Winning things like the Golden Plunger or in this week the Golden Christmas Tree, the spirit stick, and some theme night games, grants points to the Ultra Cabin Challenge. At the end of the week the guys and girls cabin with the most points becomes the Ultra Cabin and we celebrate their unity with an ice-cream float party!