Congrats to Team “Cinco Equipo” for being the most enthusiastic team during our Time Machine Meltdown! Together as families we defeated Julius Caesar and saved our Sock Hop.

General Notes

Tuesday’s Schedule:

6:50   Camper Calls

7:00   Breakfast Trail Ride/ Wake Park

7:30   Coffee Shop Open

8:30   Breakfast

9:15   Morning Worship

9:50   Area Groups

12:30  Lunch

1:15    Area Groups

3:00    Free time

5:00    Free Time ends

5:45    Area Groups    

6:45    Date Night

9:00    Free Time


Tuesday Camper Calls:

Van Horn: 6:50

Chidester: 6:50

Rees: 6:50


Area Groups:

Cove Kids/Wild Kids: Closed Toe Shoes, Pants

Wild Woods: Am-Closed Toe Shoes Pm-Swimsuits, Towel, Sunscreen

Impact: Swimsuit, Towel, Sunscreen


Just in case you need them:

Health Assisstant: “Crocs” (903)-504-2796

Men’s Director: Tanner Coleman (713)-299-2211

Women’s Director: Catherine Taylor (713)-557-9890