It’s a beautiful first official day of summer and first full day for Week 4 campers! Campers are diving into their different activity classes and having a blast, especially at the Oasis!16Si04-02-3Our pool, the Oasis, is always a favorite destination at camp. Campers have activity classes at the Oasis where they play team games. We also have a slide, diving board, and lazy river for campers to enjoy! The Oasis, along with the camp store, dodge ball, and the gaga ball pit, is also open at free time. It’s a great place for campers to cool off and hang out with friends.16Si04-02-1

With summer being officially here and it getting hotter and hotter each day, we try to find ways to keep our campers cool and hydrated! We have water coolers near each activity class and take regular water breaks. Keeping campers healthy by helping them stay cool and hydrated is a top priority!