Not only will your campers interact with their own counselors for the whole week, but they will have the opportunity to interact with our senior counselors who are placed over each cabin cluster. Throughout the week, they make sure campers and counselors are served well, take charge of a group of activity classes, and they even sit in on your campers’ Bible studies to ensure that the campers are hearing the gospel in its full truth. Our senior counselors are also involved in participating in the stage program where they perform birthday raps, skits, and general camp proceedings.

Behind the scenes they help with any disciplinary actions that may arise, making sure camp is secure even during the night, and making sure that the camper quality certificates are accurate and speaking truth into your camper.

Today we have two awesome stories of life transformation through a senior counselor’s eyes.

Senior Mates Counselor: Rhino

I had a camper my first week who was very homesick. On Sunday night he was crying and ready to go home. His counselor had talked with him and got him to focus on getting to club. The next day he was stand-offish and didn’t want to be at camp. I prayed that God would warm his heart to camp and help him enjoy his cabin. Later that night at club he started to cry and miss home again. I was able to pull him outside for an encouraging conversation and started to talk with him about why he missed home and get his mind off home. I felt the urge to ask him the question of whether he had ever prayed for Christ to be the Lord of his life, and he said no. I then went on to share the gospel with him, and he prayed for Christ to be the Lord of his life.  After that day, he started really enjoying camp and had a complete change in his demeanor and outlook on the whole experience. It was amazing to see Christ work in his life and to know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change lives.

Senior Sheilas Counselor: CarStruck

Life transformation happens at Pine Cove. I remember one story specifically. One of my campers came to camp very unsure of her faith and what she thought about God. Her father was a non-believer and this led her to think that she should believe the same. He loved her with an earthly love that left her with a God-shaped hole that could only be filled by the love of Jesus. That week at camp, she learned that her Father in heaven loves her with a love that runs deeper than any earthly love. She came to know the Lord and decided to pursue a relationship with him, despite what everyone around her was telling her to do. The relationships that form at camp don’t just stop when campers go home. I got the opportunity to continue discipling her outside of camp and encourage her to seek Christ in many difficult situations in her life. Pine Cove isn’t just about encountering the Lord for a week; it’s about learning how to experience the Lord on a daily basis.

We are incredibly grateful for all of our senior counselors and the leadership that they provide our counselors and our campers!

Please Pray With Us:

  1. That our campers will continue to soften to the gospel as the week progresses!
  2. That the weather would continue to get better and better tonight and tomorrow.
  3. That our senior counselors would prayerfully seek the Lord over these next few days as Week 3 and Session A come to a close, and that they would have the eyes to see the opportunities He has given them to point others to Christ!