Tonight is the night that the oldest guy and girl cabins have been preparing for. The OSPN (Outback Sports Programing Network) has chosen them to compete against the undefeated leadership at Outback in a game of flag football for the shelias and ultimate frisbee for the mates. Who will win? Its a game against all odds but sometimes the underdogs can rise up! Stay tuned to hear from your campers who won!

But tonights programing wasn’t just about the oldest cabin, the entire camp had the opportunity to show their athletic skills is several challenging events: Nine square, basketball dunk contest, field goal challenge, punt and pass, bonzerball, spike-ball, home run derby, pickle ball, volleyball, and soccer! During all these events campers were refreshed with our snow cone stand, Gatorade, and popcorn snack!

After cleaning up for the night, campers attended the OSPN awards ceremony to see if they won in their competition. While enjoying a delectable snack with some coffee (decaf… Shhhh, don’t tell), our top competitors were acknowledged.

But the most powerful moment of the night is our reflection time and camper share which is happening right now! During this time our campers are looking up at the stars and reflecting on what God has shown them this week while at camp. After reflection they will have the opportunity to share with others and even get to proclaim if they dedicated their life to Christ this week. Please pray that your campers take this time seriously and that their hearts would be fully open to what God will share with them. We have had an absolute blast with week five and are so glad we had the opportunity to invest in your campers life. Safe travels and see you at the Outback! G’day!