And THAT is how you will drop off your camper this Sunday! Now to some housekeeping items…

Hello, families! My name is Taylor “Fish Face” Jervis and I’m in my 15th year at Pine Cove – 7th as the Shores Camp Director!

I want you to know that I could not believe more in the power of God at work here at camp to transform the lives of people for His purpose and glory – specifically high schoolers! And I believe that He is faithful to do it in and through your camper this week.

There are a few things below that I’m excited to tell you so that you can partner with us in praying for our college staff and your camper.

Three Quick Things

First – I just need to say thank you. We recognize that entrusting your high schooler with us for a week is a big deal. And we take this seriously! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to grab the parenting-baton from you and love them as much as we can during their time at the Shores!

Second – we have prayed for, recruited, found, interviewed, background checked, hired, and trained the best college students in the world to lead and love your camper. They are truly Christ-Centered, Others Focused, and Seriously Fun! Please pray for these college staffers!

Third, I want you to know that your high schooler will hear about Jesus every day, multiple times a day. And I believe they will see Him lived out in our staff as well – in the most fun and free display of living within the safe gates of Pine Cove. This has been our model for ministry since the beginning, and God uses this discipleship process of sharing the Gospel and our very lives to transform young people!

This summer our Bible Study is titled “RETURN.”

When it’s all said and done this week, the goal of our spiritual theme is to redeem the idea of “repentance.”

The time that passes from the end of the Old Testament to the beginning of Matthew is about 400 years. And in that time, God will not speak directly to His people – until…

In Matthew 4, Jesus has gone into and come out of the wilderness to officially begin his ministry and the first word he speaks is:

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand…” (v.17)

My entire life the word “repent” had a negative, stingy connotation. It felt like God was disappointed or angry at me and I had to “repent” to gain my way back to Him.

Instead, this is a moment where Jesus is so kindly saying “My children, turn to me. I know and want what’s best for you. A new King is here. A new way to live is available to you. Just turn to me – now and everyday.”

Romans 2 says that it’s His kindness that leads us to repentance!

This word Jesus uses is “metanoia” – a change of mind that leads to a change of heart. Our thinking controls our living. And when we simply start with one simple change of mind towards God in repentance, He brings life – He brings revival.

Repentance is returning. It is a consistent pursuit back to the heart of the Father.

I would love the privilege to share with you a snippet of their Bible Study each morning through this CampLife app. Would you commit to reading through a short devo, meditating on Jesus’ promises, and praying for yourself and your camper when you receive the notification around 9am each morning this week?

We have prayed for months that your camper would learn the true, wonderful meaning of repentance.

What would it look like for you, as their parent/family/guardian, to spend this week turning to Him as well?

What could Saturday’s reunion with your camper look like?

What could your relationship with each other and with God look like one year from now?

I believe this is the Summer for Repentance.

Turn to Him today.

Taylor “Fish Face” Jervis

“I will give them a heart to know that I am the Lord, and they shall be my people and I will be their God, for they shall return to me with their whole heart.”

Jeremiah 24:7