Every Friday afternoon, the senior cabins compete against our leadership team in a game on the sports field.

We use this tradition as a time to honor the seniors whether they’ve been coming for 10 years or this is their first. We want them to know how loved they are and how much we appreciate them spending a week of their summer with us. MostĀ of the time, the seniors lose, but Michelangelo uses it as a life lesson, asking them who they will turn to in the midst of trials or defeat. It is a great opportunity to point them to Christ. This is something the seniors look forward to and we believe it unifies us and shows the seniors what a body of believers should look like.

Last week, our commentators dressed up as a mother and son. They kept the campers engaged by leading chants and explaining what was happening on the field. They also said silly things about the players, comparing them to NFL players or playfully calling them “butterfingers.” Regardless of the score, everyone is always rooting for the campers because “Campers Always Win.” The games ended with Female Leadership taking the W in a game of flag football. Although, our senior girls were some of the most competitive we’ve had so far! As for the guys, the seniors beat Male Leadership 4-0 in a game of soccer.

We recognize that this is the last year at camp for these boys and girls, and we sincerely thank them for their leadership and commitment at Pine Cove. We pray that, as they go forth from this place, that they would seek first the Kingdom of God, and that their relationships with the Father would grow deeper and richer.