Merry Christmas Eve from the Ridge! This week we have been doing Christmas theme activities and today we tie it all together. Here is what today has looked like:

Campers woke up this morning to do pit and palace as usual before breakfast. From breakfast, campers went to their activity classes. Campers go to three different activity classes before they head over for some lunch. During lunch, camper sang Christmas songs and enjoyed Christmas lights. We are really feeling the Christmas spirit today!

Skit today was so fun! All the skit characters came out and taught us a new line dance for their Christmas song. Afterwards, Dan showed us the forecast and it called for snow! Wind and Cloud worked together and created snow for the campers. After that, campers stayed in the gym for a big group bible study with our director, Michelangelo. Campers hear him speak explaining today’s theme of living in the Word and then he opens up the room for any questions campers have. This is a neat time to for campers to get an answer from a different person than their usual bible study setting.

They then go into a time of rest before going to their last activity class of the week. Campers spent their time in the conga for crafts, the field for sports, or even the lake to paddle board. Afterwards, campers go to free time before heading over to change into tonights theme night clothes. Tonights theme is Ridge Night live. Campers get to clean up and dress up in their nice clothes for the night.

Campers get to take pictures while they are all dressed up before getting escorted to their dinner table. While they eat dinner, they get a fun show from the staff. Staff and counselors get chosen to perform in improve skits and entertain the campers while being silly. After dinner, campers go and change back into more comfortable clothes for club.

Tonight club looks a little different. We get to hear from campers what the Lord has shown them throughout the week. It is so cool to get to hear the way the Lord moves in campers lives. We then do something called “stand the line” where campers are asked a series of questions and if they relate the stand the line. This is a sweet time to remind campers that they are not alone in the trials they walk. It is also a great time to see that we never know what others are truly walking through, so it is a reminder to always show love to one another.

From there we transition over to senior games. The seniors get to play against leadership in a game of football. All the campers get to come and cheer on the seniors and hang out with one another. Staffers get dressed up in costumes, and Christmas clothes to entertain the crowd as we cheer on our seniors. We finish off the night with a late night snack before heading over to bed.

It has been an honor getting to know your campers. We are so thankful for all the Lord has done here. Even though it is the last night of camp, we ask you continue to pray for your camper as they head back home. That they would take what they have learned at camp and take it with them back home to fully pursue the Lord in a new environment. We are so excited to see you all tomorrow morning. God bless!

-The Ridge Team