Hi there parents! It’s been a great day here at the Ridge, and we can’t wait to share a low-down with you all.

This morning campers woke up and headed over to flag with their best cheers. They then went to breakfast for some delicious breakfast sandwiches. After getting a nutritious breakfast campers went to their activity classes. You can find some campers at archery tag, some in the crunch room (our weight room), or even at the blob. From there, campers headed over to lunch.

Today was a big day for skit! Tinsel, Noelle, Cloud and Wind showed us all their decorations for Christmas and campers were so excited. When suddenly Dan came and interrupted by bringing some rain upon us. Wind and Cloud were sad at their dad and wanted him to join them for Christmas, but Dan refused. The mountain men of Denali 3 and 4 stood up and told Dan that they love him. They said they love him not because he’s bad, but because they know he can be good. Dan refused, but the boys continued to love him and began to sing him Christmas songs. Dan finally began to feel the love and joined everyone in singing! He says tomorrow they are going to bring snow and celebrate Christmas as a big family. We cannot wait!

From there, campers went over to bible study with their cabins. Campers have been asking great questions and it is so sweet to be able to see them want to learn more about the Lord. Afterwards, campers get time to rest and refuel for the rest of the day. Next up, campers went over to their fourth activity class. The activities could include going to the pool, wake park, or even doing sports at the field. After that, campers get free time! Campers have really enjoyed going to the conga and created crafts and friendship bracelets.

Before dinner, campers go to a quick flush and brush to change into their Yacht Club attire. Tonight campers get to enjoy their dinner outside to watch the sunset. After dinner campers go do water sports such as wake park, the pool, or even go on a slip and slide. After that campers got to do club at the slick track. It was so awesome! We have lights hanging at the slick track that campers really enjoy at night. It was a cool experience to change the scenery for club tonight. Pops spoke tonight on what it looks like to stand in the Word. He shows us how the Lord is armor in every way. He teaches us about Ephesians 6:14-17, showing us how He is not just our armor, but protection in every way. When we stand firm in Him we are unstoppable.

From there, campers head on over to bed, except for the seniors. Tonight is senior night! The senior girls get to spend a couple hours with staff to hang out, eat cookies with ice cream, and talk about their interests. The senior boys get to play sports, hang out and eat cookies with ice cream also. It is a fun time for seniors to be celebrated.

The week has been so sweet thus far. We are so grateful for all the moments we have gotten to share with your campers. As we approach our last full day of camp we ask for constant prayers for you camper. That the Lord would soften their hearts and they’d feel the Lord’s presence.

-The Ridge Team