Happy first full day of camp people! We are so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us this week, but let me share with you guys what today has looked like.

This morning campers woke up and did something we call Pit and Palace. They cleaned up their cabins to hopefully later win our Chariot of Cleanliness. From there we headed over to flag (God bless America) to start our day with prayer and lots of energy as we cheer. Later today someone will win spirit stick, so flag is a great time to show off your best cheers. We then go over to breakfast to fuel our bodies for our activity classes.

For activity classes, you can find campers in many different places. For example, some campers will be at the pool, crunch room (our weight room), or even at wake park. Before every activity class campers are led in a devotional to show that the Lord is present in everything we do. After that, we head over to lunch! This is an exciting time for campers because there is so much that happens. After we eat, we are announced the winners of Pit and Palace and spirit stick. During this time we also do something called cabin competitions. Cabins can challenge other cabins to tournaments later in the day or a challenge right then and there.

Once we finish our cabin competitions, our skit characters came to visit! Today Tinsel and Noelle came to visit us from the North Pole. This week is Christmas in July, so we are so excited they are here to celebrate and spread the Christmas spirit. However Dr. Dan, the weather man, came out wanting to kill the Christmas spirit with rain. He brought his kids Cloud and Big Wind to come introduce themselves before they grow and ruin Christmas. Noelle and Tinsel were so upset because they wanted snow to spread the Christmas spirit, but they won’t give up on their dream.

From there, campers went over to bible study. This is a great time for cabins to come together in the word and be able to ask any questions. This week’s theme is “The Word”, so we are talking about how we can walk in the Word today. After that, campers have a time of rest or they can take that time to reflect on what was talked about during bible study. Some campers even get to have a hang time during this time with their counselors.

Next on the schedule is going to the last activity class of the day and free time. Today the camp store was packed because campers get so excited to see all the new merch and are able to grab snacks. When they’re not in the camp store, some campers go to the Conga for arts and crafts, some go to the Big Bend for dodge ball, and others go over to the lake for paddle boarding. They then grow an appetite and are ready for dinner. Campers change into their theme night clothes and head over for a nutritious meal.

After dinner campers head over to club. Tonight we got to hear from our program director, Keeps, talk about how we can walk in the Word when life tries to distract us from Him. He reminds us that only the Lord can satisfy us and when we constantly look for other things to fill our wholes we will always be disappointed and wanting more. We are challenged to see how we can move forward in walking in the Word instead of the world.

Afterwards, we go into theme night. Tonight is snack attack, so everyone is dressed up as their favorite snacks. For tonight we have a giant dodge ball tournament between cabins. While some wait for their turn to play they have something else in store for them. The guys watch sports highlights and the girls have a karaoke night. It is truly a great time!

From there, campers grab their night time snacks and head on to bed. We couldn’t have started the week any better way. We are so excited to get to further know your campers. We ask that you pray for your camper as they begin to learn more about God’s character, so that they may see more of Jesus in everything they do this week.

-The Ridge Team