Hey parents! Hope everyone’s week is going great. We are not only having so much fun, but we have seen the Lord do so many amazing things here. Here is what today has looked like:

After all of our morning routine and breakfast we headed off to the activity classes. Some cabins did archery tag, some went on one wheels, and others went on the blob. Before beginning the activity counselors lead campers in a devotional related to their activity class. Our goal is for campers to be able to see Jesus in all that we do not only at camp, but to take that with them outside of camp.

Once we get through with our morning activities campers are ready to eat. During lunch we had cabins stand on their chairs in the middle of their meals sharing the cheers they have come up with. They still have a chance to win spirit stick, so cabins continue to cheer non-stop until the spirit stick is announced. After we send all the awards, we had Topo and Chico rejoin us on stage. They came back with their protein powder in order to give them energy to help get rid of the mean older men. They told campers to make sure the powder doesn’t get in the wrong hands because it could be dangerous. Mr. Roberts and Rufus came out and were upset that campers were still at camp because they wanted it to be a retirement home. The old men tried to take down Topo and Chico, but were unable. Chico tells us that the campers are more than capable to handle this on their own and left. When they left they forgot their protein powder which means Mr. Roberts and Rufus got a hold of it! We will see tomorrow what will happen next.

From there, campers are given the opportunity to go to bible study with their cabin. The theme of the day is standing in the Word. During bible study campers are able to ask questions and have open discussions with their cabin. It is so sweet to grow in a community that helps build one another up to better know the Lord and keep each other accountable. After that campers get time to rest, however, some campers may continue to reflect on what was talked about during bible study.

Campers then head over to their last activity class of the day and free time! During this time campers head over to different activities. Some of camps favorite spots are Big Bend (the gym), wake park, or the Pinnacle (game room). This is also a great time to go over to the camp store to restock on snacks! Campers love the ice cream sandwiches this year and root beer.

After that, campers change over to their theme night clothes before meal time. The theme tonight is Yacht Club, so campers get their swim suits and flip flops on ready for a night by the water. Dinner is served outside for campers to eat while watching the sunset, and then they transition over to whichever activity they’d like to be at. We had people swimming by the pool, paddle boarding at the lake, or even just hanging out having intentional conversations by the water. Tonight is truly a relaxing and refreshing night for all the campers.

When theme night was over, we all entered the gym to worship. Tonight’s worship was a little different because instead of having the entire band, we had an acoustic style worship. Pops came out tonight to give a message about standing in the Word. He dives into the armor of God and why as believers we can depend on Him and be firm in our beliefs. He talks about how through the challenges what the bible says about what it looks like to stand firm in the word of God.

As we slowly approach the end of the week we ask you continue to pray for your camper. We are so sad that there is only one full day left, but are so excited for what the Lord has in store for you camper when they return home. The Lord is still moving.

-The Ridge Team.