Hey parents! Hope you guys are having a great start to the week. I can’t wait to share with you guys what we have been up to at the Ridge today.

Today campers woke up and headed over to breakfast for campers favorite breakfast, chicken and waffles! From there campers went over to their activity classes such as crunch time (weight room), blob, or go skeet shooting. Each activity class has its own cheer that campers do before each class. They also do a quick devotional before getting started that relates to the activity they are participating in. After that, campers went over to lunch.

During skit our two old men, Mr. Roberts and Rufus came out wanting to hang out and watch a movie, when suddenly Topo and Chico came out and rudely interrupted. They came to take down the 0ld people, but before they did that they roasted some counselors. Topo and Chico hate old people, but they also hate people who are one day going to be old. Chico then took down Mr. Roberts and began doing dead lifts with him. When Topo and Chico walked out, our old folks thought it was a movie and said they will be back tomorrow to hang out. We wonder what will happen next.

From there campers went over to bible study and FOB (flat on back). Once they got some rest they headed over to campers choice! Instead of going to an assigned activity class, campers got to choose where they wanted to go. They then had free time, where campers could spend their time hanging out wherever they wanted as a cabin. Most campers really enjoy going to the Big Bend to play dodge ball or volleyball.

What’s next? Theme night! Campers change into their best camp gear for Isolation Island. However, before we go into theme night activities, we have club. During club, our men director, Matha, talked to campers about what it looks like to delight in God’s word. He talks about what it looks like to find joy when we are hit with different trials in our lives because the Lord satisfies.

Campers then went outside to participate in the theme night. They had to try to get to the field without losing their life chip. If they got caught by a staff member they have to do something silly in order to keep their chip. Campers love this time because they are able to be creative during this time. Once everyone gets to the field we announce which cabin got their first and head over to sleep.

We’ve enjoyed these past couple days getting to learn more about your campers. Please continue to pray for your campers, that the Lord be seen and heard. We pray that hearts would be soften and open to receive the joy of the Lord.

-The Ridge Team