Welcome to camp! We are so excited for what the Lord has in store for everyone this week. Here is a what today looked like for campers:

This morning campers woke up and cleaned their cabins for some Pit and Palace. From there they went over to flag and competed on who could cheer the loudest and most proud. We then headed over to breakfast so that we would be fueled up for the fun day we had planned ahead of us. Once we finished breakfast, we headed over to our first activity classes of the week. Campers can spend this time at Big Bend (our gym), the Cascades (our pool), or at the Arches (our ropes course).

After that, campers head over to lunch. Campers love lunch time because so much happens during this time. First thing that happens is campers are revealed the winner of Pit and Palace and are the winner is given the Chariot of Cleanliness. Now, we mentioned earlier that campers were competing on who could be the loudest during flag. The winner of the best cheers are revealed during lunch and they are given what we call the Spirit Stick. Today’s best cheer was the mountain men of Denali 4. They came up with “Mummy Monday” and wrapped up one of the campers in toilet paper like a mummy. The entire cabin held up as if he were a real mummy, so creative!

During lunch we were also introduced to our skit characters. Today we had two grandpas come up on the stage very slowly minding their own business when two young guys, Topo and Chico, came up to disturb their peace. Topo and Chico share with us how they hate old people and people who are going to be old. The only way to not get old is by taking some protein powder. They tried convincing a counselor to take some protein, but the counselor refused because he knew it wasn’t a good idea. They then tripped one of the old guys and left saying they would come back tomorrow and destroy some more. When they left, the two older guys were confused. The entire time they thought they were at Cracker Barrel playing checkers. We can’t wait for tomorrow to see where this is going.

After skit, campers went back to their cabins for bible study. Today campers are learning on how we can walk in the Word. From there campers take some time for rest, or some campers choose to further reflect on their own over what was talked about during bible study. After that campers are ready to continue the day. They head over to the last activity class of the day and then some free time. During free time campers are able to go to camp store and get some snacks for the day, or some knick-knacks.

Campers then go back to their cabins to get ready for tonights theme night, snack attack. They eat dinner and go over to our gym for a giant tournament of dodge ball. From there they then transition over to club. Tonight our program director, Dax “Keeps” Mckee gave a word over what it looks like to walk in the word when the world tries to distract you from it. He goes into how we tend to allow materialistic things consume our time or even mans approval, but the word itself is sufficient and satisfies as we deepen our relationship with the Lord.

It has been so much fun getting to know your campers. We ask you pray for your camper as they learn more about who God is. We pray they soften their hearts to what the Lord has in store for them as the week goes on. This is only the beginning of something so sweet!

-The Ridge Team