Happy Friday people! We cannot believe how fast this week has flown by. Time really flies when you are having fun. Here is what campers have been up to today:

Campers woke up this morning and headed over to flag with their best cheers. From there campers went over to breakfast and enjoyed some breakfast tacos, a camp favorite. They then went over to activity classes. Campers spent their time at crunch time (our weight room), the blob, or rode on one wheels. That then lead them over to lunch time!

During today’s skit, Camp Tik Tok caught Camp Rock dancing to Tik Tok and exposed them on stage. Camp Rock denied it, but Lemi Davato told them they would enjoy Camp Tik Tok because it’s so accepting and loving. One of Camp Rock’s member then decided to go out in the crowd and sell a name. He combined Camp Rock and Camp Tik Tok and rounded it out to produce Camp Tik Rock! Everyone got so excited and they decided to learn a dance together. Once they learned it they danced it on their way out. It is so awesome to see the two different camps come together and love each other.

From there, campers got to do a bible study with our associate director, Pops. Everyone stayed in Big Bend (our gym) to hear from Pops, and have an open discussion as a big group. They were able to ask him questions and get a different stand point than their usual interactions with their counselors. Today’s theme is living in the Word of God. We took steps throughout the week of learning about the word, and we are ending the week with learning how to live it out as we leave camp.

After bible study, campers headed over to free time. Campers took this time to enjoy the wake park, go out to the field to play sports, and to play games in the Pinnacle (our game room). From there, campers went back to their cabins to prepare for our theme night. Tonight they got extra time to get ready because it is our night to dress nice. Campers got time afterwards to take cabin photos and show off their fresh looks. Afterward, they headed over to dinner and our staff escorts all the campers to their table. When they walk in, it is a different element than usual because it feels like a five-star restaurant. No standing on chairs and cheering, rather enjoying nice lights and some fine dining.

Once dinner is over, campers changed into their camp outfits to be more comfortable for the night’s activities. We do something called Ridge Night Live. Staff and counselors perform different skits for the campers. Tonight we added a new skit event called “Hot Ones” where the counselor had to answer questions correctly or else eat a chicken wing with one of the hottest sauces we have. It was so much fun and campers really enjoyed watching their counselors act silly.

After that, campers went over to club. Tonight is a special night because we have campers share. This means we are able to hear from campers and their life changing experiences. Tonight is a reminder of what camp is all about, which is seeing campers accept the Lord and change their lives for eternity. Let us rejoice people!

The night isn’t over yet, tonight is senior night! Seniors get to play dodgeball against our senior counselors. All the other campers love coming and supporting the seniors. We have staff dress up in costumes and go around cheering keeping things even more interesting. It is a great time, and we love to celebrate our seniors as they leave camp and go off to do big things with the guidance of our Lord. We will be praying for them always.

Thank you, parents, for the opportunity to get to know your campers and grow with them. It has been a sweet week and truly memorable. The Lord is constantly moving and it is so awesome reflecting on the week and seeing the way God answers prayers to gently. We can’t wait to welcome you back tomorrow and are excited for you to see your camper. God bless you all.

-The Ridge Team