Hey parents! Hope you all are having a wonderful week. Here is a low-down of what today has looked at the Ridge:

Campers woke up this morning and cheered their way to flag. One of our favorite cheers of the day was “pour it out Thursday” and they would pour water on themselves. Such a silly concept, but also probably so refreshing on this beautiful sunny day. From there campers headed over to breakfast to eat some delicious biscuits. After that, campers went over to their activity classes. Some campers played basketball/dodge ball at Big Bend (our gym), some went over to the arches for archery tag, and others went to the blob.

After activity classes, campers were ready for lunch! We were hungry, but before eating we make sure to put on germ-x and have a counselor to pray over our meal. Once we finished eating we got ready for some program activities. During today’s skit Camp Rock came out with one of the members of Camp Tik Tok, Carly Tay. However, Carly was able to go back to Camp Tik Tok. When she got back she announced that there was someone from Camp Rock that did not receive enough credit for who they were. Carly gave Lemi Davato an opportunity to get out of the darkness and she received it. Camp Rock got angry and left while Camp Tik Tok taught Lemi how to dance to Tik Tok songs. We will see what Camp Rock tries to do in response tomorrow.

From there, campers went to bible study and FOB. Afterwards they headed over to campers choice! Campers got to choose which activity class they wanted to participate in. Most campers love going to Big Bend and playing dodge ball or some type of sport. They then got ready for some free time. Oh yes it’s free time, we have a great ole time! Campers really take advantage in going to the camp store, going to the wake park, or going to the pool.

Campers then go back to their cabins to get ready for our night full of fun. Our theme night tonight is yacht club. Campers get to eat dinner outside to watch the sunset and then have a refreshing time with water activities. Campers spend the night by the pool, doing a slip and slide, and hanging at the lake. After a relaxing night campers transition over to club. We got to begin with some acoustic worship and then got the privilege to hear a good message from our associate director, Pops. He talked about what it looks like to stand in the word of God. How we can firmly be confident and proud in how the Lord tells us to live and not allow trials to stop us from our ultimate mission of being who God calls us to be. “Hold me up, that I may be safe and have regard for your statutes continually!” -Psalm 119: 117.

The Lord is truly present and it has been a blessing to see what God is doing in the hearts of these campers. He is constantly revealing more of his character each day and reminding us of how good He is. We ask you continue to pray for your camper as we enter the end of the week. That is will be done.

-The Ridge Team