Hey there parents! Hope everyone is having a great start to their week. Here is what the Ridge has been up to today:

Campers woke up, had time to dive into their bibles, and went to the dining hall for some breakfast. After that, we went to our activity classes. Some campers went skeet shooting, some went to archery tag, and others went over to our ropes course (the Arches).

Once they finished their activity classes, campers headed over to lunch. During lunch campers were presented the winners of the Chariot of Cleanliness (cleanest cabin) and Spirit Stick (best cheers). It’s so cool seeing how creative campers get with creating new cheers. Today’s Spirit Stick winner went to the granola girls of Haleakala 4! They came up with “Ninja Turtle Tuesday” and they used their buffs as Ninja Turtle masks. It was so silly and fun. After that, our skit characters paid us a visit. Camp Tik Tok came out with our health assistants and sang an original song called “Pine Cove Ridge 2020”. As they were trying to teach campers the Tik Tok dance for it, Camp Rock rudely interrupted. They mocked their song and made fun of them. That made Camp Tik Tok sadly leave, but campers threw out the “I love you” hand sign to remind them they were loved as they walked out. So sweet! We hope they come back tomorrow feeling loved and can’t wait to see what will happen next.

After skit, campers headed over to bible study and FOB (flat on back) to relax before going to campers choice. This is a time where campers get to choose which activity class they want to go to. Some people go to the Pinnacle to play ping pong, and some campers go over to the lake to paddle board. Once they finish their activities and free time, campers get ready for dinner! Tonight the theme is Isolation Island, so campers change into their best camo outfits and get ready with their black stripes on their cheeks. After dinner they go to club. Our men’s director, Matha, gave a word on what it looks like to delight in God’s word. He really reminds us of how constant our Lord is and that He is always sustaining life no matter our trials. Our situations may change, but one thing that will never change is God. How sweet is that!

From club campers got ready for our theme night. This is one of camper’s favorite nights because their goal is to get to the finish line without getting caught by staff. If staff flashes a light at them, campers have to do something silly to make it to the next checkpoint. It is so much fun!

We have truly enjoyed these first couple days and can’t wait for what the rest of the week holds for us. We are so thankful to have all of your campers and ask you continue to pray for them as the Lord reveals more to them as the week goes on.

-The Ridge Team