Happy Monday family! Today starts our first full day of activities and I must say it’s been an amazing day. We can’t wait to share with you what this day has held.

This morning campers woke up and cleaned up their cabins. Campers made sure to leave their cabins squeaky clean so that they can win our Chariot of Cleanliness during lunch. Afterwards, everyone headed over to flag to show off their best cheers before heading over to breakfast.

Once breakfast is over campers head over to their first 3 activity classes of the week. During this time campers get the opportunity to hang out at the lake, go to our slick track (go-karts), or hang out in Big Bend (our gym). Campers really enjoyed playing a game called “Zorb Ball”. This game is similar to dodge ball but with a twist. Campers aren’t allowed to move once they grab a dodge ball and have to throw it from where they are at. This twist makes the game a little more challenging and campers love it!

From there we headed over to lunch and skit! This week we got to introduce Camp Rock and Camp Tik Tok to the stage. Camp Tik Tok was so excited to meet Camp Rock and hopefully become friends, however Camp Rock was rude and didn’t want to accept them. Camp Tik Tok gave them grace and ended the scene with letting campers know that they will keep trying. We are excited for tomorrow to see how Camp Rock reacts to Camp Tik Tok.

After that, we go to bible study. Campers get to spend time in the word with their cabin and counselor. Today we are learning more about how we can walk in the Word of God. From there we get some time to rest so that we can recharge for what the rest of the day has in store. Once we are refueled, we head over to our fourth activity class of the day and some free time. During free time campers get to choose with their cabin where they would like to go. For example, they can go to the pool, our gym, or even go on the wake park. They can also take this time to go to the camp store and buy some merchandise or snacks.

Next, we went to dinner and ate some delicious tacos and churros. From there we went over to club where we had time to worship and hear a message from our program director, Keeps. He spoke about what it looks like to surrender ourselves and walk in the Word of God. Keeps challenged us to think less of ourselves, and walk out a life that the Word calls us to.

After listening to a good word, we headed over to our theme night, snack attack. Our campers had so much fun dressing up and participating in competitions in the Big Bend against other cabins. It was so much fun that we had to head over to bed afterwards and call it a day.

We had such an amazing first day here at the Ridge. We can’t wait to get to better know your campers and see what the Lord does this week. We ask that you’d pray over your camper this week as they learn more about the Lord this week.

-The Ridge Team