Hey parents! It is already day 5 at the Ridge and we cannot believe how fast this week has flown by. Each day the Lord shows us something new and it’s been so awesome seeing Him move at camp. Here is what our Friday looked like today:

This morning campers woke up, cleaned up, and cheered it up as they headed over to the flag. God bless America! Afterwards we headed to our morning meal which was breakfast tacos. During breakfast everyone had so much energy that we all danced and sang to worship songs as well. Afterwards campers headed over to their activity classes.

During activity classes some campers went over to crunch time (our weight room), ropes course, or some did archery tag. From there campers headed to lunch and got a happy ending to our skit! Our evil captains filmed a video of their journey building a new boat to carry their evil powers, and rowed their way to lunch. When they arrived to the Cav, Bubba gave Bone Marrow some sweet tea so he could taste the American spirit. The tea made Bone Marrow see the light and join our country brothers. captain Kidney Stones was disappointed in Bone Marrow because he felt betrayed and will have to be evil by himself. Bubba then revealed a new skit character, his dad, which is actually our Father. He told Kidney Stones that just like the air moves the grass, the Lord moves in us. Finally, after fighting it for so long, Kidney Stones accepted the American spirit and turned into a country boy himself. The Lord is so good, and because of his goodness we become brand new. Praise God!

After lunch, campers got dismissed to bible study. However, today’s bible study looked a little different. Campers went to the gym to do bible study with our Associate Director, Pops. He talked to us about how we can now take what we learned from camp and go out living in the Word. Pops challenges us to look around at the people we surround ourselves with. Do they call us up or bring us down? Campers also used this time to ask Pops questions and receive clarity from a new perspective outside of their counselors.

From there campers went straight to free time. Campers grabbed their favorite snacks at the camp store, enjoyed the pool, and went out to the slick track. Now after free time our day is filled with fun new activities. Campers will get time to shower and get ready for a Friday Night Live. This is where campers go from full on camp fashion to style icons.

Campers get escorted to their table for dinner and eat as if they were at a 5-star restaurant. From there they head over to Big Bend (our gym) to play a game Pine Cove game show and act silly. When we finish the game we move into club.

Friday night club is an amazing night. Our Ridge director Pat “Michelangelo” Preston and Pops gave club tonight and did an activity called “walk the line”. If campers related to phrases they would say, campers would stand on the line and together campers would see that they are not alone in their walk. Then we move into campers share. A time where they are able to share all the good things the Lord did in their hearts. Tonight is truly impactful in many ways and encouraging to hear and see God’s work. To end the night we watched fireworks to celebrate 4th of July before campers leave in the morning.

We are so honored to have been able to get to know your campers this week. We are so in awe of all that the Lord has done this week. As your camper leaves tomorrow we pray that they are able to carry what they have learned with them to their everyday lives. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow and welcome you back to camp.

-The Ridge Team