Hello parents! Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far. It is day two at the Ridge and we are so excited to share with you all the great things the Lord has been doing here.

After getting a good nights rest campers woke up ready to start the day and tidy their cabins. Campers are getting so creative with organizing their cabins and creating art with the things they have in order to win the Chariot of Cleanliness. Once they finished, they headed over to flag to share all their new cheers they have come up with. They then take time to dive into the Word of God before breakfast. Today’s breakfast is a camp favorite, chicken and waffles!

Now it’s time for activity classes! Campers get to go to new activity classes each day. You may find some swimming at the pool, going to the wake park, or play games in our Pinnacle. After activity classes campers need to refuel with some lunch. Some campers may tell you lunch is their favorite time of day because we sing, dance, eat a great meal, watch skits, and challenge each other to cabin competitions.

Now, I’m sure you are wondering how Bubba Watts is doing. He came back today and he brought his brother to help him out! His name is KB or he would tell you it’s Kountry Boy for short. Kidney Stones and Bone Marrow came in and brought the brothers sweet tea as a peace treaty. Little did Bubba and KB know they were getting them to drink the tea to hurt them. KB encourages Bubba to keep fighting and push forward to conquer their goal. Bubba and KB are coming back tomorrow and we can’t wait to see what they will happen next.

After a lunch full of festivities campers and counselors headed back to their cabins to do their Bible Study. Today campers learned how they can be delighting in the Word of God when it seems impossible. Which then leads them to a little bit of a FOB or even a hang time with their counselor!

For our last activity class of the day campers have what is called campers choice. During this activity time campers get to choose where they want to go as a cabin. This year we have a new activity for the campers and it was a big hit! Campers got the choice to go on our island and play games or hang out. The campers favorite part was getting a mini boat ride to get to the island.

Campers got to go to free time after campers choice and then headed back to their cabins to get ready for our theme night and dinner. Everyone showed up to dinner with their best camo gear. During dinner campers had so much fun. Cabins have come up with challenges for their tables. For example, if you pick up your drink you have to tap the cup twice before putting it down. Now if you don’t, you get up and yell something silly. Campers have so much fun and always try to catch their counselors.

Once they finished dinner they headed over to the Big Bend for club! Today we got to hear from our men’s director, Bryan “Martha” Brown. He spoke to us more about what we learned at Bible study which is how we can delight in the Word of God. He shows us how things of this world may never satisfy us, but the truth in the Word of God will always be satisfying and fill our hearts with delight.

From club we transition to our last event of the night, Isolation Island. The goal for campers is to be able to make it across camp without getting caught by a counselor. Along their path they had obstacles they had to get across in order to make it to the end. We all had so much fun and we’re ready to get to bed to rest for our next day of activities.

Thank you, parents, for your continuous prayers upon your campers. We are already halfway through the week. Time truly flies when you are having fun. Please continue to pray as your camper gets to learn more about who God is and how He can move in their lives.

-The Ridge Team