Hey there parents! It’s been a great day here at the Ridge and it has been so sweet getting to know your campers. Here is a run-down of what today has looked like:

This morning we woke up and cleaned our cabins for Pit and Palace. After cleaning up we were ready to chant our best cheers down at Flag to win something we call the Spirit Stick. From there we got some time to dive into the Word of God, so that our hearts and minds would be ready to conquer the day with Him. Afterwards, we headed over to the Cav, our dining hall, to get our bodies fueled for an eventful day. Now that we had some good food, we are ready for our first few activity classes of the week! During this time campers will be at different classes like slick track (go karts), Big Bend (the gym), or if they are feeling brave go to the Arches (the ropes course). Our activity classes run until it’s time for lunch.

When we get to lunch a lot of exciting things happen. We find out which two cabins won the Chariot of Cleanliness and the Spirit Stick. We also get a visit from our skit characters for the week. This week Bubba Watts came to Pine Cove and expressed how excited he was to come to camp. Bubba wanted to share with us his American spirit, but got interrupted by two pirates, Bone Marrow and Kidney Stone. These skit characters came in wanting to destroy camp. Bubba was worried, but the campers encouraged him to save camp and live on the American spirit. We can’t wait to see what will happen next when they come back tomorrow!

After getting through the first half of our day it’s time for a good ole Bible study followed by a FOB (flat on back). This is a great time for campers to get rejuvenated with God’s Word and rest. It’s great for campers, so that they can into free time refreshed. Yes it’s free time, what a good time! During this time you can find campers having hang times with their counselor, going to the camp store, or doing crafts in the Conga.

Now, it is that time of day! Campers get back to their cabins to put on their theme night clothes. Tonight you’ll find campers dressed as their favorite snacks for Snack Attack. They’ll eat dinner and then head over to our sports field to play a variety of different games. We love being out on the field and getting to watch the sunset over the lake. It truly reminds us of how our God has created such beautiful things.

Once we finish our activities for theme night we head over to our last event of the night, club. We run into the room excited to praise and worship God for all his goodness. Tonight we had the opportunity to hear from our program director, Dax “Keeps” McKee. He spoke to us tonight about how we can begin walking in the Word and avoid any distractions that try to come in the way.

Today has been an exciting day full of Christ, love, and fun! We are so thrilled to get to know your campers further and grow together spiritually. We ask that you would continue to pray for your camper, that they would learn something new about our Father this week.

– The Ridge Team