Hey there parents! It’s a great day here at the Ridge. It has been so exciting seeing walls torn down as campers grow in unity and celebrate with fun cheers. A cheer you might find your camper doing around this time is “good-ole bible study”. We are so delighted to walk over to bible study and learn more about how we can trust in the word of God.

“Forever, O LORD, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens.” -Psalm 119: 89

The world tells us to trust ourselves, to listen and follow what is best for ourselves. However, this can become problematic when we realize that we don’t know everything, and we definitely don’t know what is best. When the world and its ways are shaky, we can trust in the word of God because it has already been established outside of the chaos of this world! In the midst of a changing world, God’s Word never changes, giving us confidence to trust what He says.

Our God is constantly revealing Himself to us in amazing ways. We look forward to taking what we learned today and applying them in our daily lives. We ask that you pray God guides your campers as they take the next leap of faith and place their trust fully on our might Lord.

Now it’s time for our campers to get to some fun activities and prepare for our “out of this world” theme night! Have a wonderful wednesday!

-The Ridge Team