“God purposely created us to find true delight in the things that are eternal.”

Hello parents! We have had a great day at the Ridge today. Your camper has been to some super fun activity classes and they are leaving lunch right about now. The staff here at the Ridge has loved getting to know the hearts of each of our campers this week. It has been so special! Today in our study of Psalm 119 the campers and counselors are specifically looking at Psalm 119: 41-80. We pray that this passage teaches them more about how to find true delight in the Word of God.  

The counselors here at the Ridge will be helping the campers to look at what they are delighting in right now, and how to turn their eyes to the truth of who God is and who He says that they are in Him. They will look closely into what promises the Lord makes to His people and how we as humans can learn and grow from these faithful promises to us as His people. 

We kindly ask today that you join us in going to our Heavenly Father in prayer for your campers to learn how to rest in the Lord and His promises and to find true delight in Him! We also pray that you, as parents, can learn and grow from this passage of Scripture. 

Have the best day!

– The Ridge Team