The story we studied at Camp in the City today was all about the blind beggar found in Luke chapter 18. A man who was unable to see was begging by the side of a road when a very important person passed by who you may have heard of: Jesus! The blind man, recognizing Jesus for who He really was, the Son of David (as Jesus is often referred to in the Bible), asked Him for help. Jesus asks the man what he wants to be done for him. He wants SIGHT, of course, and since he knows who Jesus is and what He is capable of, the blind man had full faith that the Lord would heal him. And that’s exactly what happens. Jesus heals the man, and tells him, “Your faith has made you well!” The crowd following Jesus saw all of this happen, and they joined the man in praising Jesus.

So how does this story fit into our study this week? Here it is: When we see Jesus for who He is (like the blind man recognized that Jesus was the Son of David capable of BIG miracles), Jesus shows us the way to shine so that others will glorify God!

Passage: Luke 18:35-43

Questions to Ask Your Camper:

  1. What story did you learn about today?
    • Jesus healing the blind beggar on the side of the road.
  2. What does Jesus say has healed the blind man?
    • His faith!
  3. How do the blind man and the crowd react to this miracle?
    • They all praise Jesus and glorify God!
  4. How does the way you “see” affect the way you act?

Dig Deeper At Home:

Read Matthew 9:1-8. Who is brought to Jesus? What does Jesus do? How do the scribes react? What does Jesus tell them? What happens to the paralytic and how do the crowds react?