Today’s lesson was all about a huge biblical event: the flood. Yesterday we learned about God’s creation and how everything was very good. But then sin entered the picture, and people no longer wanted to listen to God or do what He asked them to. So God told Noah, the one man still obeying Him, to build a huge boat called an “ark” and fill it with two of every kind of living creature. This was because He was going to flood the earth—and He did just that! After a long time (more than a year!), everyone aboard was finally able to leave the ark and return to dry land. Noah built an altar to the Lord, and God promised to never again curse the ground because of humans.

It wasn’t easy for Noah to construct the ark, or for him and his family to live on it for a whole year with all the animals (think of the smell!). But Noah was obedient to what God called him to do, and in the end, he worshiped the Lord for His provision. This story holds an important lesson because we learn that God doesn’t want people to sin, as sin separates us from God, and He created us to be in relationship with Him! He wants us to follow His instructions because He wants what is best for us. This is the same God who created the earth for man and woman to enjoy, and He is worthy of our obedience regardless of our circumstances.

Passage: Genesis 6:9-22, 7:11-8:21

Questions to Ask Your Camper:

  1. Why did God ask Noah to build the ark?
    • Because God was going to flood the earth and destroy everything He created.
  2. What did Noah do after he finally left the ark?
    • He built an altar and praised God!
  3. Why should we obey God?
    • Because disobeying is a sin, and sin separates us from God!
  4. How do your actions change when things get hard?

Dig Deeper At Home:

Read Daniel 3-4:3. What did the King want all the people to do? What did Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego do? Why? What is their punishment? What happens? What does the King end the story doing?