Hey there, parents! We are so excited to have your kids joining us at camp! This week your camper is learning about how, much like the weather, we go through both rainy and sunny times! But through it all, we can count on Jesus and shine just like He did!

Today we talked about the creation of the earth. We read Genesis 1:1-31 and discussed how God created everything—the oceans, the sun and stars, all the plants and animals, and most importantly, humans. The most extraordinary part is that when He created man and woman, He made us—and only us—in His image! That means He created US to be like HIM, and we have the ability to reflect, resemble, and look like Him—the God of the universe. Everything that He made was very good, but only man and woman have the distinction of being made in His image.

Passage: Genesis 1:1-31

Questions to Ask Your Camper:

  1. What story did you learn about today?
    • The creation of the world
  2. What are some of the things God created?
    • Heavens and earth, light and darkness, day and night, sea and land, plants and trees, the sun and moon and stars, birds and fish and animals, and man and woman.
  3. What’s different about the way that God created man and woman from everything else?
    • He created us in His image and gave us qualities to be like Him.
  4. If God is our creator, how should we respond to Him?

Dig Deeper At Home:

Read Psalm 104. What similarities do you see in the Psalms to what we spoke about today? What is the psalmist’s response to the details of God’s creation?