Hey parents and families! As you head back to the Shores today to pick up your camper, here are a few things to know about Closing Celebration and pickup.

Our Closing Celebration starts at 10:45am sharp in the Huma Gym!

I recommend getting here earlier to get a good parking spot, load up some smelly luggage, see your camper, and get to the gym in time.

Please feel free to take photos when you get here, post to social media, and use the hashtag #welcometotheshores!

Your kids will be tired – that’s a good thing! So, here are a few questions to get conversation going once they wake up from a car-nap…

  • What was your counselor’s camp name again? Why is that his/her camp name?
  • Where is your counselor from? What school?
  • What would you say you learned from your counselor this week?
  • Was there an activity class you did that you really enjoyed?
  • Did you get to try anything new this week?
  • What was the Bible study about?
  • Were there any truths/things from Bible study that stood out to you or that you learned this week?
  • Do you feel like you’ve grown spiritually this week?
  • How do you want to live differently at home/school/in the world because of this week at the Shores?


Hopefully these questions help spur conversation and give you an avenue to connect with your camper!

We pray that this week has been the best, most fun, and life-changing week of their year! We also hope that this week has been restful and rejuvenating for you as their parents and families to better love and shepherd your camper.

See you soon!

– Taylor “Fish Face” Jervis